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Accelerate the world's transition to fully on-chain gaming

Bridging Gamers and Developers for a Thriving Crypto Gaming Ecosystem.
W3Gamez Network

Uniting Forces to Shape the Future of Crypto Gaming
Evolving into Fully On-Chain Gaming
Two years of crypto gaming exploration have led us here! Thanks to advancements in layer 2 networks, accessible on-chain gaming is finally a reality. We're excited to move our entire ecosystem,, from asset-on-chain to fully on-chain with 2.0. This opens up a world of new possibilities and immersive experiences for players.
Asset On-Chain Gaming
2021-2023: Built essential Web3 gaming infrastructure & launched 4 games!
Fully On-chain Gaming
2024: Embarking on fully onchain gaming & launching our blockchain network!
W3Gamez Network:
Unlocking the power of On-Chain Gaming
W3Gamez Network is a Layer-2 Optimistic Rollup blockchain, designed specifically for gaming by, leveraging OP Stack for its foundation and ensuring data availability through NEAR.
Data Availability
W3Gamez Network Devnet is now LIVE.
Super Cost-Effective Network
The chain is built on OP Stack with data availability on NEAR, focusing at fully Onchain games and applications.
Tailored Contract Functionality
Smart contracts tailored for gaming applications with abstracted wallet delegation system are provided.
Ready-Built Infrastructure's established tools will be all migrated to accelerating ecosystem setup.
Infrastructure: Powering Crypto Gaming
Leveraging Polygon's robust and scalable POS blockchain, fosters a seamless and secure gaming environment, empowering developers to craft innovative games and players to embark on immersive journeys.
Tokens: Backbone of Ecosystem
The ecosystem is a two-token powerhouse: Platform fuels the fun with $WGT, while W3Gamez Network powers the future with $W3G. Each token thrives in its own domain, rewarding participation and driving growth.
$WGT Token Token
"The Platform Token"
$WGT is the native utility and governance token created to support the ecosystem.
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$W3G Token
W3Gamez Network Token
"The Chain Token"
$W3G serves as the native gas and governance token of the W3Gamez Blockchain Network.
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Public Roadmap
Unveiling the Future of Gaming with
Team Formation
Complete Seed Round Fund Raising
Launch CryptoEmpire Genesis NFT Collection
Complete Private Round Fund Raising
Launch Web3Games Portal
Launch Web3Games Player ID
Launch Web3Games OAuth SDK
Web3Games Chain Devnet + Testnet
Launch Game Token Swap
Start W3POKER Whitelisted Testing
Launch and Growth
Launch POKVAZ W3POKER - Texas Holdem Game
Launch POKAVZ NFT Collection
Launch NFT Marketplace
Launch Game Storefront Service
Complete POKA Token Sale
Launch DEBEATS: Web3 Rhythm Game
Launch CryptoEmpire: Match-3 Battle
Launch Gaming Token Staking
Launch $WGT Token
W3Gamez Network Devnet
Launch $W3G Token
Launch Guardians of Arcanum: Web3 Tower Defense Game
W3Gamez Network Mainnet
FOCG Development Toolkit & Infrastructure
Crypto Game Builder Space
Backed by Industry Leaders and W3Gamez Network have garnered the support of esteemed crypto investors, securing a $4 million USD investment in 2022-2023. This strong backing demonstrates the confidence placed in our vision of transforming gaming through blockchain technology. With this momentum, we are committed to delivering an exceptional crypto gaming experience.
Media Coverage
We at actively collaborate with news outlets, gaming publications, podcasts, and streamers to educate the public about blockchain technology in the context of crypto gaming. By creating engaging content and fostering partnerships, we aim to increase mainstream awareness and adoption of this exciting new sector.
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